For more than 25 years, Linkage, Inc. has provided leadership development insights, learning and strategy to organizations looking to strengthen their leaders, more effectively engage their teams, and build cultures of employee engagement that achieve and exceed organizational objectives.

William Bridges Associates has partnered with Linkage for over a decade to deliver our training programs and methodologies to client organizations. This collaboration has enabled us to reach a far greater global audience and ensure the continuity of our proprietary work. Linkage has demonstrated on-going excellence and commitment in implementing the concepts and strategies of Transition Management developed by William Bridges in a rapidly changing world. 

We work closely with their team to keep training materials current and develop new offerings. There is a well-established and rigorous process for Master Certification of all consultants. 

Linkage is licensed to deliver the Leading Organizational Transition Certification Program, Managing Organizational Transition and Individual Transition in Organizations programs. For further information about licensing, materials, flexible delivery methods or customized work contact us or Linkage directly.

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