How long will it be before we return to the normal times of steady expansion, stable growth, relaxed socialization, and put this crazy turbulence and uncertainty behind us? How about “never”? I raise that disturbing possibility because the “normality” that we long for was in fact not at all normal, but was instead the product of unusual social, economic, and political conditions that are in the process of disintegrating.

Preparing for a talk with the leader of a large non-profit organization recently, I noted three questions to ask her. After decades of  asking these questions in organizations,  I know how central they are. The 3 Questions What is changing? What will actually be different because of the change? Who’s going to lose what? Here […]

On a rainy evening in Paris, just before New Year’s, I was leaving my hotel for dinner when I received an email from my publisher. Would I be interested in writing a revision of Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change for a 25th anniversary release? While the original concepts remained timely and relevant, this […]