This certification program is for managers and professionals charged with leading change within their organizations. Through this program, you will be able to teach others how to effectively manage employees through strategic change initiatives as well as how to handle personal transition with less distress.

Even with a solid change strategy in place, plans are abandoned, implementation is delayed, or employee resistance is unexpectedly high. Transition Management, addressing the human side of change, is the critical missing link in many organizational change initiatives.

We offer our highly acclaimed Three-Phase Transition Model™ to address the human side of change. For over 30 years, William Bridges Transition Model has provided individuals and organizations across sectors with a framework and tools that enable them to successfully embrace change.

Participants are certified to deliver two distinct skill-building workshops:

  • Managing Organizational Transition teaches leaders the skills to successfully lead others through transitions with less disruption and sustained productivity.
  • Individual Transition in Organizations teaches individuals how to handle change and transition with less disruption and distress to their lives.