Bridges Transition Readiness Assessment™

How ready is your organization for a major or minor change initiative? The Bridges Transition Readiness Assessment  will help you understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of effectively managing the transition. The assessment can also be used to measure how well your organization is accepting and adjusting to the change initiative over time.

The Bridges Transition Readiness Assessment comes from years of studying organizations in transition and seeking out the reasons for the different outcomes they encountered. We have found that the assessment has proven very useful to a number of organizations.

If you are truly trying to measure the climate in your organization before a change occurs, consider giving the assessment to a wide cross-section of individuals. To measure the effectiveness of your transition management efforts, give the assessment to the same individuals again, after the change is underway. If your concern is to demonstrate that people are showing some significant wear and tear from the change they are going through, a carefully chosen cross-section of a dozen or two subjects may suffice.

However many individuals participate, everyone should answer the questions from his or her own point of view. Anyone answering the assessment should be honest and resist the temptation to give an expected or “the-way-it-ought-to-be” answer.

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