Individual Transition in Organizations assists individual employees whose roles, careers, and lives are being impacted by change. This program will teach participants how to handle the transitions caused by change with less disruption and distress in their lives and work, manage endings successfully, deal more effectively with constant change and re-think their work lives to make them less vulnerable to workplace changes.

New! This course is available as Instructor-led training or as an eLearning course. The content is parallel, in order to provide options for a blended-learning approach.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Describe the critical difference between change and transition
  • Manage endings more successfully
  • Move through the Neutral Zone and capitalize on the creativity of that time
  • Cope more effectively with the impact of constant change
  • Develop an action plan for managing a current transition more successfully

Program Curriculum

Unit 1: Change and Transition

  • Defining Change
  • Activity: Changes in Today‚Äôs Organizations
  • Activity: Changes in Your World
  • Defining the Difference Between Change and Transition
  • Key Points Summary

Unit 2: The Transition Process

  • The Three Phases of Transition
  • Resistance During Times of Change
  • Activity: Locating Yourself in Transition
  • Key Points Summary

Unit 3: Managing One Change: Ending

  • Ending: Letting Go
  • Activity: Personal Impact Analysis
  • Checklist: Strategies for Managing Endings

Unit 4: Managing One Change: Neutral Zone

  • Rebuilding in the Neutral Zone
  • Activity: Strategies to Rebuild
  • Checklist: Strategies for the Neutral Zone

Unit 5: Managing One Change: New Beginning

  • Achieving New Beginning
  • Strategies for a New Beginning
  • Activity: Action Plan for a New Beginning
  • Checklist: Strategies for a New Beginning

Unit 6: Managing Multiple Changes

  • Managing Multiple Changes: Change Resilience
  • Activity: Managing Multiple Changes
  • Activity: Building Resilience
  • Checklist: Strategies for Managing Multiple Changes

Unit 7: Summary and Action Plan

  • Seven Principles of Transition
  • Steps for Moving Forward