For over 25 years, William Bridges Associates has been the global leader in delivering Transition Management training. William Bridges’ Three-Phase Transition Model has stood the test of time and provided individuals and organizations with a framework and tools for successfully managing the human side of change. Even with a solid change strategy in place thoughtful attention to human transition is often the critical missing link needed to sustain new initiatives.

These programs are offered in collaboration with our partner Linkage, Inc.

Leading Organizational Transition

Leading Organizational Transition is our exclusive certification program. Thousands of people from every profession and industry worldwide have found it to be unique in its focus–achieving change efforts by leading people through transition successfully.

In exclusive partnership with Linkage, we offer our highly acclaimed Three-Phase Transition Model™ to address the human side of change. William Bridges’ model has stood the test of time and has provided individuals and organizations across sectors with a framework and tools that enable them to successfully embrace change. Read more.

Managing Organizational Transition

Fostering the capacity to implement genuine change is increasingly important as competition becomes global. Research across sectors suggests that the failure rate of change initiatives – reengineering projects, mergers and acquisitions, implementation of strategic plans and of IT systems – is a shocking 70%. Interestingly, the most commonly cited influencer to determining the success or failure of change initiatives is people. Why? When people are not adequately engaged with change, they resist it. However, when people identify and let go of what must be left behind and can build meaning and reach out for what is new, they become capable of initiating and generating sustainable change.

This course teaches managers how to manage the internal transition process, the human process that has been repeatedly identified as the missing link in failed change efforts in business. Read more.

Individual Transition in Organizations

Individual Transition in Organizations assists individual employees whose roles, careers, and lives are being impacted by change. This program will teach participants how to handle the transitions caused by change with less disruption and distress in their lives and work, manage endings successfully, deal more effectively with constant change and re-think their work lives to make them less vulnerable to workplace changes.

New! This course is available as Instructor-led training or as an eLearning course. The content is parallel, in order to provide options for a blended-learning approach. Read more.