Organizations and individuals are facing rapid and multiple changes at a greater pace than ever before. William Bridges Associates developed the ground-breaking, leading-edge, unique Transition Model over 30 years ago to help people understand and manage the human impact of change. Our strategies and tools are time proven.

Change is hard. We know that. We are here to help you understand and manage it. We provide processes, solutions and tools to help people feel connected and engaged as they are guided in a supportive process that gives them a road map and skills.

Change and transition are not the same. Change is the external event or situation that takes place. Transition is the inner psychological process that people go through to adapt to a change. Empathetic leaders recognize that change puts people in crisis.

Change will only be successful if organizations and individuals address the transition that people experience. Effectively managing transitions is the key to capitalizing on the opportunities for development and innovation, and creating resilience needed for the present and future.

Disruption will occur and changes will happen. In order for an organization to remain dynamic it is essential that leaders courageously acknowledge and value the humanity and emotions of their people. Transition can be the catalyst for growth, unleashing creativity and potential.